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The joy and peace of being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, on purpose.

Is it the state of our world today? Is it the state of my own mind, soul and growth? Is it simply the overflow of the love in my heart?  Maybe it is a mix of all of it. Maybe it is so much more. As I continued to read, study, pray and write I quickly realized that to fully share this amazing path with you, it would have to be in stages.

The Word is God speaking directly to each and every one of us. The Word is our daily bread of life. It lays out our path and guides us every day of our lives.

That is what I hope to offer others here, at With Hope & Joy. Please feel welcome and if there is anything that you would like to read more about, please feel free to ask.

I would love to hear from you. I have a full time job and a young daughter, so I may not get back to you instantly, but I will answer, I promise.

I know that when I began immersing myself into the Word and hoping and searching for others to have a fellowship with, I was sincerely disappointed. My comments were answered with a mass produced reply and/or a sales pitch. You absolutely will not receive either from me.

The feeling of being directed in the creating of With Hope & Joy and offering a place not only to share with you my own Bible studies, but to also offer you a small inspiration for your own studies and walk with Jesus. I have always felt that my relationship with Jesus and God’s hand in my life were a private and very special reality for me to hold close like a precious treasure.

You may feel the same about your own relationship with our Father. As time and my own life has changed, I now struggle with the reality of the world I live in and the need I have to share God’s love with everyone. To share my own experiences, testimonies, and truth of God’s incredible presence in our lives.

The Word calls to me. It fills me with such comfort and joyfulness.

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