About Me

I am whosoever and and I am a child of God.With Hope & Joy is a life-long journey that we are all on, in growing closer in our relationship with God, the Father. This is a place of hope, joy and fellowship.

My name is Amber and I am an Alaskan from New York state, a Navy Veteran, a mother to two amazing human beings, a published author and a retired Big Game Hunting Guide. I now work for the State of Alaska and love every day of it.

Born a farm girl, in upstate New York, joined the US Navy, served in Desert Storm, went home and moved to Alaska. The fact is, even all that I experienced before coming to Alaska, I “grew up” here in Alaska. The foundation was laid in New York, but the end result, the masterpiece each of us becomes eventually if we have enough time, that wonderful end result of all that came before, that all happened here, in Alaska.

Some friends may remember Pioneer Outfitters’ Alaska Chick, I was and always will be that girl although sometimes she seems like a character in a book set in a mythical and amazing place doing things that I wouldn’t even dare to dream of. Almost 23 years of my life were spent with Pioneer Outfitters in Alaska. It is where I grew up, learned who I was and wrote my first two books.

With Hope & Joy is how my heart is reaching out to God and to you. Like the song Nobody by the Casting Crowns, “‘Cause I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about Somebody who saved my soul.

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