These Little Wounds

Recently our Pastor at church spoke of the little wounds we all endure. The ones we rarely give much thought to once the sting goes away, much like those little paper cuts we’ve all gotten a time or two. But these tiny and seemingly insignificant wounds may not be as forgotten and forgiven as we believe.

Think about those little “paper cuts”, no big deal, no worries. But get hundreds of them, that don’t heal and become infected and festering, and now we have a problem. You could lose a lot of blood, strength or even “bleed” to death!

If we think about what we know from reading and believing the Word, our hearts are the well from which all of God’s love flows through.

We are to love God with all our heart. We are to guard our heart because everything flows from it. It is the condition of our heart that determines whether we have spiritual ears that can hear and eyes that can see. The spiritual heart is the center of our being, where we relate and grow closer to God. And, it is what comes out of the heart that defiles a person.

Hurt people hurt people. We know this. There are no perfect parents, friends, siblings, or spouses. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect humans. We lash out and hurt others when we are broken and need of healing. Those little cuts that we brush off, forgive and forget; they may not be gone. As each little personal “cut” we simply live through in our best possible way, we forget that without showing these little wounds to the Healer they could be draining our strength and joy.

Jesus came to heal our wounded and broken hearts. To bind up our wounds so that we wouldn’t act and react from them and hurt others. Whether we know it or not, whether we have ever acknowledged it or not, these wounds change us. It is critical that we allow God to heal our past wounds and guide us to a lifestyle of forgiving present scars. Without the inner working of the Holy Spirit, we will live in continual suffering from our sins and the sins of others.

These little wounds cause us to lose our joy. We lose our sense of wonder, awe and we no longer celebrate the goodness of life. The spontaneous joy of life.

The little wounds drain us and keep us from reaching out to others. Instead of loving others we only want to avoid others.

These little wounds keep us from spending time alone with the Lord. They keep us from being completely open, because we can still feel the sadness, pain and fear from these tiny hurts.

These little wounds cause us to be more easily hurt, defensive and reactive because we no longer have a reservoir of a full heart to draw from. Pain, anger, frustration; these are the symptoms that these little wounds have begun to fester inside of our hearts. These little wounds weaken us to the point we believe the lies of the evil one. “You aren’t good enough.” “God isn’t hearing your prayers anymore.” These little wounds will ultimately rob us of the ability to love people. People have hurt us and we still feel those hurts, so we are unable to love others, becoming vulnerable to being hurt again. Receiving the healing from the Lord is a constant process. There will always be more for Him to heal. Understanding this and opening ourselves completely to the Lord allows us to experience the joy of an abundant life and the overwhelming love of our heavenly Father. Scriptures for Those Little Wounds

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