Spring Cleaning

We do this every year. Spring cleaning typically means you are finally able to open the windows and breeze away the winter blues as well as the dust. Looking forward to the spring flowers popping out and little baby wild animals making appearances; all the new, fresh blessings that come with springtime each year.

But how often do we do the spring cleaning that counts? The cleaning that lightens our hearts as well as our souls. The cleaning that only God can do for us. The true release of all we have stored up; worries, hurts, shames, questions and uncertainties.

Small things that we keep to ourselves, believing that truly “we can deal with this.” Very much like those Little Wounds we’ve talked about. These things are the dust on all of our hidden corners and stacks of winter gear and clothing that washing clean and packing away we have gradually pushed to the back of the closets and overstuffed our dresser drawers with.

My friends, this is surrender. Our Father in heaven wants us to love Him, to trust Him and to obey Him. Surrender is all of that. In return we find the pure joy of children and see the glorious beauty and blessings that He rains down upon and around us. We can only see and fully experience this if we allow Him to clean the dust and smudges of life away from us.

So this spring, instead of focusing completely on our physical surroundings, let us look to the inside with God. Maybe there is an apology to be made, a wound to bleed and air out or a question buried in our hearts.

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